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Manchester United Torwart Fußball-Trikots 1988 - 1990

1988 - 1990 Manchester United goalkeeper Fußball-Trikots.

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  • Manchester United Torwart Fußball-Trikots 1988 - 1990

    Eingegeben von Thomas Hoel August 7, 2013

  • Manchester United Torwart Fußball-Trikots 1988 - 1990 Manchester United Torwart Fußball-Trikots 1988 - 1990

    Rare goalkeeper' shirt of Manchester United, 1989-91. Player #1 LEIGHTON.

    Eingegeben von classic_old_football_shirts Juli 30, 2016

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Manchester United Unscripted Book from Kitbag

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Manchester United Unscripted Book

It’s hard to imagine a football club with a better catalogue of stories than Manchester United.The club’s rich history has been punctuated by success, tragedy and drama, with an all-star cast wrapped up in a twisting, turning tale. In Unscripted, protagonists tell their own accounts of their unique places in Reds folklore. All manner of angles are covered, be it the journey up through the ranks of the club’s youth system with Gary Neville or the road to securing a transfer to Old Trafford... more

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Manchester United Fußball Trikots for sale

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