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AFC Wimbledon Cup Shirt Fußball-Trikots 1988

1988 AFC Wimbledon cup shirt Fußball-Trikots. One off , hope to be repeated FA cup final shirt from the 1988 final


Many more wimbledon shirts to upload from my collection going back years

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  • AFC Wimbledon Cup Shirt Fußball-Trikots 1988 AFC Wimbledon Cup Shirt Fußball-Trikots 1988

    This is the shirt worn by Wimbledon when winning the 1988 FA Cup 1-0 v Liverpool at Wembley

    The shirt is autographed by Wimbledon captain and goalkeeper , Dave Beasant.

    During this match Liverpool had a penalty and for the first time in an FA Cup final the Penalty was saved.

    NB, The first person to miss a Penalty in an FA Cup Final was Charlie Wallace for Villa against Sunderland in 1913

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