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7 Of the Dodgiest Premier League Shirts of All Time

Despite the concerted efforts of the club managers, sponsors and kit companies to produce the best kit for players in the English Premier League, every once in a while, a few wacky, funny and sometimes out-rightly outlandish shirts happen to fall in through the cracks. When this happens, our favourite players either begin to look like something out of a comic book or something even Lady Gaga will consider hilarious.
Here, we look at seven of these really terribly premier league shirts from the inception of the league till date, in no particular order.

1. Manchester United (1995 – 1996, away)

man united 95-96 away shirt

This takes the award for being the most popular away kit in the premier league for all time. Now known as the Red Devils, Manchester United may have been able to get away with their all grey choice for the 95/96 season but for one unforeseen problem. The colours or lack of colours practically made Sir Alex Ferguson’s guys disappear on the pitch. You can barely make them out whenever they wore the kit.

2. Tottenham (2009 – 2010, home)

spurs home strip 09-10

The Tottenham Hotspur home shirt is one of the few in the English PL that should be difficult to mess up, but the English team managed to do so quite often, none more so than in the 2009/10 season. The yellow V on the chest gave the impression of a rookie kit designer trying hard to make a name for himself. As if that was not enough, the legend MANSION.COM Casino & Poker written across made for a rather big mouthful.

“Tottenham Hotspur is known for having some really solid kit principally of black and white that makes for an aesthetic combination, which makes that year’s choice even more disappointing. And the Huge glaring text across the chest is something that should be kept still in the right taste for the team not just about the advertising” Huge Spurs Fans, Coral Bonus Code Sport Sponsorship.

3. Arsenal FC (1991 – 1993, away)

arsenal fc 91-93 away shirt

When looking at the Gunner’s kit for 91/93 season, a lot of things immediately jump to mind. From a poster for the Grateful Dead to a brown psychedelic mistake of a design unsuitable for Steve Bould’s team. We can safely assume that sponsors JVC were not too happy about the club’s outing that season and it may have more to do with the invisibility of their logo, than the club’s striking. You can barely make out the JVC logo in the midst of the dizzying yellow and black arrow theme.

4. Manchester United (2017 – 2018)

Apparently, the Red devils didn’t learn their lessons from the kit fiasco of 1995. This season, they came back with the same grey kit that features a silhouette that looks suspiciously like the statute of the Holy Trinity. This kit is probably one reason why fans should not be involved in design as the end result leaves much to be desired. Anyone would think the shirts have seen many league matches as they look like something that has passed through many circles in the washing machine.

5. Manchester City (2008 – 2009, away)

Manchester City 2008–2009 shirt

You will be hard pressed to picture the likes of Yaya Toure and Aguero jogging out at the Etihad Stadium in the blinding, garish orange kit that Man City brought to the games in the 08/09 season. Fortunately, they are yet to repeat this horror since they became the multi-billion dollar club they are today.

6. Aston Villa (1993 – 1995, away)

Villa 93 - 95

Maybe because the club was sponsored by a yoghurt company, maybe it was just a fluke of design. Whatever the reason, Aston Villa’s mismatched green, black and red combo didn’t do the club any good aesthetically. The manufacturer’s yoghurt drink while undoubtedly tasty, the same could not be said about the club’s away kit of that season. It may be hard for fans to enjoy the taste of Muller yoghurt after seeing their favourite club is such bacterial looking, unappetizing colours.

7. Norwich (1992 – 1994, home)

92-94 norwich city home shirt

Aptly names the bird poo shirt, Norwich’s kit for 1992/94 featured a shirt that look like something that was designed in a bird habitat. Ironically, it was the kit players like Robert Fleck and Chris Sutton wore to finish third in the Premier League and soundly trash Bayern Munich in Europe. Despite this impressive outing, there is no getting past the fact that the team looked like they spent too much time in an aviary before coming to play.