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Bukta – the final bit of the puzzle, for now!

After a many years searching I finished the puzzle, I have now collected every Brighton shirt ever made available to the public to purchase. I finally completed the collection with the very first Brighton shirt ever put on sale to fans, the 1977 – 1978 Bukta home shirt.

Brighton 1977 Home Replica (1) (Custom)

Brighton 1977 Home Replica (2) (Custom)

 So, what is the big difference? Well, it’s the collar, the 1977/8 version has a filled in ‘V’. That’s it, that’s all, and that’s what makes the difference.

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Now some of you will have noticed the badge and Bukta logos are quite worn, so the next question is, do I refurbish them? I have a few replacement Bukta and Seagulls badges, they’re very easy to heat press into place, I need to think about that one.

P1140421 (Medium)

So what next, well? I’ve been collecting Brighton matchworn & player spec shirts for some time now, including a couple of Bukta shirts. Many of these shirts have subtle differences to the replica shirts that the fans buy, I think the next blog will be a about match shirts.

For now you can check out all of my shirts here Phils Footie Shirts or if you want to check out Phils Matchworn Shirts

Our friends at Toffs have now made a retro version of the home and away Brighton Bukta Shirts, so everyone can have one, and for a lot less money than an original!

Don’t forget to visit www.oldfootballshirts.com – have you added a photo of yours?