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Germany, England & Wales. My picks for Euro 2016

I was born in Germany, my parents are English and I married a Welsh girl so these are my teams to follow in the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament.

Of course, being the brains behind oldfootballshirts.com, I do have my favorite classic shirts for these teams but it’s always good to get something new once in a while so let’s look at my picks from the 2016 shirts line up.



Germany 2016 Away Shirt

This is my favorite shirt and I’ve loved it ever since it first appeared last year.

I was in Berlin last week and was wearing my 2008 Germany away shirt:

Me, in Berlin!

I was ribbed everywhere because it only had 3 stars on it (Germany got their fourth star after winning the 2014 World Cup). I had complete strangers coming up to me in the street pointing out the deficit in stars on my shirt. Even the security guard at the Reichstag building raised the issue before letting me pass. So hopefully this new one is going to be worn next time I visit the country of my birth. It’s reversible too! You can buy one for yourself from Kitbag here.



England 2016 Away Shirt

I’ve not been a fan of the England home shirts of late but I am warming to this year’s pale blue and white design as it’s a little different to normal. However, for me, red is my favorite colour so for that reason alone it’s got to be the away shirt for me. Get your’s from Kitbag here.

One of my favorite England shirts is the 2008-2010 Away kit:

My England 2008-2010 Away shirt

My England 2008-2010 Away shirt

I managed to get hold of this shirt a couple of years ago and it always comes out during the internationals. Although I’m sure had I worn it around Berlin last week I would have created many a chuckle from the natives for only having one star! For this year though it has to be the 2016 red away shirt, even though it still only has one star:


Wales 2016 Home and Away shirts

Wales 2016 Home and Away shirts

In 1989 I became a part of a Welsh family in Newport, South Wales, when I got married. Since then I’ve always been an honorary sheep s******r Welshman and as long as they weren’t playing England I’d be supporting Wales!

Not so long ago, in 2012/13, Wales had an away shirt that was a little different and in my opinion a perfect shirt from a colours and design point of view. Half green and half white like the flag of Wales:

My Wales 2012-2013 Away shirt

My Wales 2012-2013 Away shirt

I like national team shirts which relate to the colours of the country’s flag so when my mother and father in law bought this one for me I was delighted.

Kitbag are not selling the the 2016 Wales kit as JD Sports have an exclusive deal with the Wales FA.  If only the home shirt had green stripes on the shoulders then that would be my pick simply because it’s red of course! But I quite like the away shirt which is not too dissimilar to Germany’s away shirt so that would be my pick for Wales in Euro 2016.

Whatever happens, I’m kitted out for this summer’s Euro 2016 footie-fest. Are you?

All the best for you and the teams you are following in UEFA Euro 2016 and don’t forget to visit Kitbag.com – they ship all over the world you know!