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Safe Standing Fanfunding Campaign – Win Shirts!!

Fanfunding is sports’ version of crowdfunding and this revolutionary Safe Standing campaign has some great rewards from just £5.

This is a campaign for safe standing at football stadiums and in particular to fund the first ever safe standing area in England or Wales. It’s going to be at Shrewsbury Town who are currently in the English League 1. There is lots of information about Safe Standing on the campaign page over at tifosy.com.

The campaign is for all football fans though and some of the cheapest ‘rewards’ give you the opportunity to win collectable signed football shirts. Right now they’ve got a framed shirt from Gareth Bale, once the most expensive player in the world, and another which was donated by Chelsea and Italy legend Gianluca Vialli. Keep checking back as we’ve been told there are more shirts from more teams to come!

Safe Standing campaign rewards

Get your name engraved on an actual rail seat

Other rewards include an official Shrewsbury Town match ball signed by a player of your choice and a mock up of a match programme featuring yourself being signed up by the Shrews!

If you fancy parting with a more substantial contribution you can get your name engraved on an actual rail seat for £150. For a little less (£75) you can get your name one their Supporters Wall of Fame at the stadium. There are also business packages which offer brand exposure and VIP tickets to their opening party ranging from £500 to £1500.

A New Generation of Standing Supporters

The return of segregated standing for spectators has been a long time coming and it’s finally been passed by the health and safety red-tape brigade. It’s also some great PR for Shrewsbury Town who are currently floating around the top of the league and will be setting their sights on Championship action if things carry on as they are!

If you want to support the campaign to install England’s first Safe Standing area visit the TIFOSY campaign here.