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Category: Bangor FC

Player Sponsorships 2009-2010

Well here we are again at the beginning of the new season. We, Phil and Mark, at Oldfootballshirts.com have decided on the players we are going to sponsor next season, but first a note about where the money comes from... read more >>.

Player sponsorships league table – 15 April 09

It’s been a while since we updated this, sorry about that, I will try to keep it more current during the run-in till the end of the season.  Our two Welsh sides have been rallying, although it looks like Carmarthen’s... read more >>.

Player sponsorships league table – 22 Feb 09

 So, it’s been a couple of weeks, lots of football played, all manner of developments at our clubs.  Let’s start with Newport County, following the launch of The Newport County AFC Supporters Trust, a limited edition shirt was launched, each... read more >>.

Update 4 Feb 09, some good and some bad news

Right, so it has all gone a little bit strange since December so I will try to update you.  Where to start, well, I went away for a trip to Australia at Christmas, and all manner of developments with our... read more >>.

Player Sponsorship League table – 23/01/09

Oldfootballshirts.com Player Sponsorship League table Season 08-09. For a bit of fun I am running an Oldfootballshirts.com League table for the 4 teams we now sponsor. We’re doing this for the entire seasons league results only, we sponsor players kits... read more >>.