Player Sponsorships 2009-2010

Well here we are again at the beginning of the new season. We, Phil and Mark, at have decided on the players we are going to sponsor next season, but first a note about where the money comes from and some comment on last seasons sponsored players.

Money! The website earns some money from some of the adverts/banners we place here and there (!) We try to make the adverts relevant where possible so hopefully we are able to offer a kind of service to our “viewers”!

That money pays for our web hosting fees and anything we earn on top of that we use for sponsoring players kits, and other footie related sponsorship opportunities – it’s our way of giving omething back into the game that we love. It’s not our day job and we update and develop in our own time – but we love it


2008-09 Sponsorship Review:

Brighton and Hove Albion.

We started out the season sponsoring Youth Team graduate Scott Chamberlain, who left the Albion half way through the season to join Non League side Bognor Regis Town and is now at Lewes for the 09/10 season.
After Scotts departure a new player joined the Albion, Chris Birchall, we took on his kit sponsorship for the rest of the season. So what happened to Chris? Well he is now playing alongside David Beckham at LA Galaxy, and we wish him all the very best of luck. We were presented with his match shirt at the end of last season, the Player Issue Only all white kit only used in 2 games, Shrewsbury and Millwall away.


Newport County.

Another 2 player season for us here, originally we sponsored Newport talisman Craig Hughes. We had the pleasure of meeting him at the AFC Wimbledon match in December, after which he promptly left the club to join Carmarthen in the Welsh Premier League, hope it wasn’t anything to do with us!
Bring on another Craig, this time we picked up Craig Reids kit sponsorship for the remainder of the season, and he banged in plenty of goals contributing hugely to Newports resurgence in the second half of the season, and a respectable 10th place finish. We were presented with both home and away shirts at the end of the season.


Annan Athletic.

Annans first ever season in the Scottish league was a resounding success, finishing on a creditable 50 points even a challenging for a play-off place towards the end of the season. Our sponsored player Ryan Adamson impressed 46 times including 26 first team starts, not bad for a youngster. Ryan has now left the club and we understand is now studying on a scholarship in the USA, good luck Ryan for the future. Ryan signed his shirt for us at the end of the season.


Bangor FC.

Well Bangors season was a tale of two halves. The first part of the season Bangor were firmly established in the top half of the season and looking good for a top 3 finish even. Then something of a disaster, the board of Bangor had to admit that amongst other things, falling revenue meant that they would not be competing in the Irish Premiership in 09/10 and that they would not be renewing their license for the Premiership. Sadly something of an exodus ensued, quite understandably many first team players and the manager left the club, which was followed by Bangors tumble down the league, with relegation confirmed they will be playing in the Irish Championship next season. Of our sponsored players, Andrew Plummer has left the club, but Jim McMenamin has just signed anew contract to stay at Clandeboye Park.


AFC Carmarthen.

Well, after Craig Hughes move to Carmarthen we picked up his kit sponsorship for the remainder of the season, Craig scored plenty of goals, but ultimately Carmarthen finished outside of the European qualifying places, but all to play for next season.


Season 2009-2010 – Old faces and a new player.

So for the new season we will consolidate our sponsorships a little. We will continue to sponsor Craig Reid at Newport County, for his home, away and training kit. At Bangor we hope to confirm we are sponsoring Jim McMenamins away kit for the season, and at Brighton we are proud to sponsor new signing, Midfielder Andrew Crofts.

Newport badge Albion BadgeBangor-FC

crofts mcmenamin-j

We hope to be able to bring updates of all thee players, and with any luck a couple of Q&A sessions and even a match report or two from the players point of view. There will even be a little bit of a competition on the lines of last seasons league table. will be sponsoring the match between Newport County and Dorchester Town on 28th December 2009, and possibly there will be some other sponsorship events through the season at Brighton and Bangor as well as for the REMF.

Thanks for reading, and do be sure to visit and add some photos of your shirts.

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